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From exceptional vineyards to your glass, The MacPhail Wines journey is worth exploring. Join us to learn about all things MacPhail. Crafted by Nature, Nurtured By Hand.

Tasting Lounge

Join us at The MacPhail Tasting Lounge in the heart of the Barlow where everything is re-imagined, re-used and recycled. This is just one hint that MacPhail Wines is something different. Let us coax your visit with some Sonoma insider ideas.

We Are Excited To Introduce Our Mardikian Estate Label

To us, the wagon that has always graced our label symbolizes timeless design and exceptional quality. Assembling a creation of iconic quality is much like crafting an exceptional wine. Every component is key in creating balance and complexity, and in the case of the Mardikian Estate Pinot Noir, that is no exception. We can’t wait for you to taste this vintage.

–Tim and Sabrina


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