Gap’s Crown

Sonoma Coast

Gap’s Crown is situated at the confluence of where Sonoma Mountain and its surrounding southwest facing hills meet the Petaluma Wind Gap (Petaluma Gap).  To the south the hills of Sonoma Mountain turn southeast and channel the cool breezes of the Petaluma Gap toward the San Pablo Bay.  To the north Sonoma Mountain gives way to Crane Canyon and eventually a northwest oriented set of hills.  A pocket is formed by Crane Canyon and these northwest hills just to the north of Gap’s Crown, creating a natural fog pocket around the vineyard.  Typically, coastal fog that is trapped in this pocket takes longer to burn off during the latter days of the growing season.  This lingering fog during at the end of the growing season allows Gap’s Crown fruit to ripen slowly, developing sugar and phenolic ripeness in unison.


5º to 23º slopes with mostly southwest facing vineyard blocks; elevation from 280’ to 900’ above sea level, with most plantable acreage between 320’ and 520’ above sea level; two natural creeks traverse the property - Copeland Creek in the southern portion and Crane Creek in the north


Vertical Shoot Positioning


Region I climate:
Heat summation:
1,900 to 2,100 degree-days
31.1 inches average per year


Brown Clay Loams with significant rock (mostly Goulding Series and related inter-grades); smaller areas of Gray Clays with less rock (mostly Raynor Series and related inter-grades)


Chardonnay clones:
76, 95, 96, 124, 548
Chardonnay rootstocks:
Riparia Gloire, 16-16, 3309, 420A
Planted in phases 2002-2005

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