Pratt Vineyard
Pinot Noir

Sonoma Coast

Pratt Vineyard Pinot NoirA Chart-Topping
Pinot Noir

Jim Pratt began developing this vineyard in the late 1990s, on a site south of Graton and West of Sebastopol on the far western portions of the Sonoma Coast in an area known as Laguna Hills and more recently, the Sebastopol Hills. Ridges are mostly northeast to southwest oriented, falling within the main watershed for Atascadero Creek, which flows north into Green Valley creek and on into the Russian River. The slightly sloping hillside receives the classic morning fog and warm afternoons common to the coastal region, producing fruit with great acidity.

Pratt Vineyard Pinot Noir

2013 Vintage

Tasting Notes

We realized after considering this wine that we had a gripping tale to tell. Every vintage the deft farming touch that Jim Pratt is known for literally wafts from the glass (you know, the famous Pratt nose we never get tired of). This year is no different, with aromas of cardamom, dark fruits and dusty soils giving way to flavors of black cherry accented with Asian Five Spice and an earthy elegance that suggests a bright morning walk through a coastal forest. The finish is, well, gripping. It hugs the side of your mouth and hangs on to your tongue. Swallow, and the sensation lingers. Short term sensory memory loss? No danger of that here. Dark fruits and dusty soils sounds like a Nashville ditty, doesn’t it? Well, this Pratt Vineyard Pinot is definitely a chart topper.


Vineyard: Pratt Vineyard, Sexton Road
Vintage: 2013
Appellation: Sonoma Coast
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard Category: Single Vineyard
Body: medium body
Profile Notes: black fruits, spice
Production Volume: 602 cases
Harvest Date: September 11 & 20, 2013
Sugar: 24.6 - 25.5 brix
Acid: 0.58 gms/100ml
PH: 3.67
Aging: 11 months sur lie in French Oak, 35% new
Bottling Date: August 18, 2014
Alcohol %: 14.5

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