Sangiacomo Roberts
Road Vineyard

Sonoma Coast

This vineyard is located at the base of Sonoma Mountain at the far northern edge of the Petaluma Gap, next to the Gap’s Crown vineyard. The land was originally planted to hay and corn, and is adjacent to where the Crane family developed the highly sought-after Crane Melons.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are planted in 130 acres, with the first plantings established in 1999.

The growing season is long, and the vineyard stays in fog until mid-day and is always among the final vineyards to be harvested each growing season. The vineyard is highly unusual in that it enjoys being part of 2 watersheds. Bordered by Copeland Creek on the north, the soil is very well drained with silty gravel. The southern end of the property drains to San Pablo Bay, while the northern section drains to the Russian River. There are 14 different clone and rootstock combinations planted.


244 feet
West, 285.5º

Temperature & Rainfall

Annual Growing Degree Days:
Growing Season Annual Rainfall:
Growing Season Average Temperature:
78º - 48.5º

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