Summer Shipping

You Can Rely On

Shipping wine in the summer can be tedious, but there are safe options and we’re here to make it easy. Wine can be damaged by heat, and we avoid shipping ground in the summer months when temperatures are above 80°F.

We now ship via Fed Ex by default and utilize their Cold Chain, temperature controlled, shipping solution for shipping in the summer months. Cold Chain now covers most of the U.S. and we recommend trying it! Find out more about how it works below.

Temperature Controlled Shipping
Via Cold Chain

Fed Ex has seven hubs around the country that they send orders to on refrigerated trucks each week:

New Jersey

From these hubs, packages are loaded on regular (non refrigerated) trucks and most will be delivered by 10:30am, with packages to more remote addresses delivered by noon.

Note: Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey and Ohio are not covered by Cold Chain shipping.

Shipping Timeline
Cold Chain orders only ship out once a week. We submit orders on Mondays by noon for Fed Ex pick up between Wednesday and Friday. Refrigerated trucks leave on Saturday to take orders around the country.

So, if an order comes in after Monday at noon then it won’t be submitted until the next Monday. This means orders take longer to ship out, but we can still tell you exactly what day they will be delivered:

  • Orders coming from Oak/Chi/Dal hubs area are delivered on Tuesdays
  • Orders coming from NJ/Atl/Orl/LA hubs are delivered on Wednesdays

Additional Information
In addition to the specifics about Cold Chain above, please remember:

  • Someone 21 or older needs to sign for a wine delivery
  • Missing the first delivery attempt in hot weather, regardless of the shipping method, will cause a package to be exposed to hot weather for longer. Please be prepared to accept on the first delivery attempt.

Please contact us with any questions at [email protected] or (707) 824-8400.

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